This tab allows you to perform the following actions:

1. Apply Filters: Orders can be filtered by date range, order type, or additional filters such as Order Status, Order Channel, Payment Type, Pickup Address, and Order Tag.

2. Bulk Order Update: If you need to change multiple order details, you can use this option to update all orders at once by uploading a CSV file.


3. Download Report: This button will help you download report of all orders in the New tab.


4.  Ship Now: To process a single order, click this button. On the following screen, you will see all of the available courier options for your order.


5. Bulk Action: This button is intended for performing bulk actions on your orders and will be activated if you select more than one order.


6. More (...): This button will allow you to perform the following actions on your order: Download Invoice, Edit Order, Call Buyer, Mark as Verified, Add Order Tag, Clone Order, and Cancel Order.