Here's how you can escalate your NDR reattempt request:

1. Open your Shiprocket App and click on 'View Shipments'.

2. Go to Filters and apply the "Undelivered" filter to view your NDR orders. 

3. Select your order and click on the Get Help button to raise an NDR escalation. 

4. You'll find the 'Escalate' button at the bottom half of your screen. Click on it and confirm the reason for escalation. 

5. Go ahead and attach any proof in the form of call recording, or chat screenshots. You can also get a missed call from your buyer's registered mobile number on the displayed phone number. We will consider this "missed call" as a reattempt verification response.   

6. Or, click on the Initiate call button to contact your buyer directly from the app.

7. Enter your remarks and escalate your reattempt request. 

Important Points to Remember:

1. Proofs are not mandatory at the time of escalation. However, it is advisable to always escalate your reattempt request with valid proofs to increase the chances of delivery. 

2. You have 6 attempts to escalate/re-escalate an NDR reattempt request.