Here are the basic steps to get started:

1. Open your Shiprocket App and click on Create New Shipment. If you're using our iOS app then click on "Forward Order".

2. Select your pickup address or add a new one.

3. Add your delivery pincode, weight and dimensions of your package. 

4. Select the payment type - Prepaid or COD.

5. Now add your product details. It includes your product name, per unit price, quantity, HSN, and product category. Click on Add More Products if you're sending more than one product in a package. 

6. Now, click on Find Courier Partner to select your preferred courier.

7. Then add your buyer/recipient details. It includes his/her name, email id, phone number, and complete delivery address.

8. Enter Additional Details if you have any. These details are seller specific and optional to enter:

Reseller Name: You can enter the reseller name if you are shipping on someone’s behalf.

Eway Bill Number: If your shipment’s value is greater than Rs. 50000, you need to enter the Eway bill number.

GSTIN Number: If your buyer has provided his/her GSTIN, then you can enter the same here.

9. Now, click on the Ship Now button to ship your order. 

10. Next, you need to request a pickup for your shipment. You can also download your label from the same pop-up.

11. Click on the Request Pickup button to download the manifest for your shipment.