At ShipRocket, we bill our customers twice in a month, therefore you would receive freight invoices at the mid and end of every month.

What is a freight invoice?

Freight invoice: Invoice for the payment charged for shipping your orders through ShipRocket. To see your freight invoice:

Go to your left menu and click on → Invoices

Here you can see details like Invoice Id, Invoice date, Due date, Total, Status and Action.

There are three types of status: Paid, Unpaid and Cancelled

Paid: Invoices for which you have already paid either from your ShipRocket wallet or externally.

Unpaid: Invoices still due for payment.

Cancelled: Invoice against the cancelled orders.

You can click on View Invoice option to view a particular invoice.

What happens if I don't pay my freight invoice?

Here, we hold 1.5x of your COD remittance. We will transfer the pending remittance to your bank account as soon as you clear your invoice.