By default, all new orders, whether added manually or imported through sales channels, will be visible in the Orders screen's New tab.

Ship a Single Order

1) To see all available courier options, click the Ship Now button.

2) You can view each courier's rating, expected pickup and delivery dates, charged weight, and final charges here. If you haven't already, you can choose to secure your high-value shipment at this point.

3) Click the Ship Now button to have your order delivered by your preferred courier partner.

4) Once you've assigned the AWB, you'll be prompted to schedule a pickup for your order. You have the option of scheduling the pickup right away or later.

Ship Bulk Orders

1) Select all orders that you want to ship at once.

2) Navigate to the top-right corner and select Bulk Actions. Here, you must select the Ship Now option.

3) Based on the priority setting, a courier will be assigned to each of the selected orders. Once completed, you will receive an email informing you of the status of your assigned orders.

4) When the process is finished, all labels for your orders will be downloaded automatically.

Watch this short video to know how to ship your order with Shiprocket: