The RTO Delay Escalation feature has been implemented to address RTO Delay issues. Previously, there was no way to determine when RTO Shipments would arrive, but with the new feature, an estimated delivery date for RTO delivery is provided, offering a clear indication of when the shipment is expected to arrive.

So, If your shipment is in either RTO Initiated or RTO In Transit statuses and its RTO EDD (Estimated Delivery Date) is breached, you can escalate an RTO Delay. 

Steps to Raise RTO Delay Escalation:

Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket Account.

Step 2: Click on the Orders option from the left-hand menu, and then select the RTO tab.

Step 3: Select the RTO tab from the header menu.

Step 4: If the RTO EDD has passed for your particular shipment, an "Escalate" button will appear on the right-hand side, Click on that.

Step 5: Enter your remarks and click on the Escalate button to submit your escalation.

Step 6: After being escalated, you can also view your escalation history.

Step 7: You can also further write to us if you have any other concerns related to your RTO Shipment. 

Note: You may escalate again within 48 hours from the date of Escalation closure.