The Weight Discrepancy tab is under the Weight Panel of your Shiprocket account.

Under this, you'll find the following categories:

Order Number: Find your order creation date here.

Channel: Channel through which you received an order. We show "Manual" if you have created this order manually.

Order Details: It contains your product name, SKU, and quantity.

Shipping Details: It contains the AWB number and courier name.

Entered Weight & Dimensions - The weight and dimensions initially entered by you. You can also check the applied amount here.

Charged Weight & Dimensions: Here, you can see the total amount charged by the courier along with the new weight & dimensions.

Status - Based on your action, we change the status of your weight discrepancy.

Actions - This is where you take action by either accepting or raising a dispute against the charged weight. You can also see the number of days remaining for taking action on each weight discrepancy.