After submission of details, Shiprocket team manually checks your entries within 24 - 48 business hours & approves or rejects your application based on what they find.

Here's why your KYC verification may have failed:

1. Name Mismatch: One of the common reasons for KYC failure is a mismatch in the name provided on both documents. Ensure that the name on your ID proof matches the name on the address proof. Discrepancies, such as nicknames or aliases, can lead to verification issues.

2. Unclear Images: Uploaded images must be clear and legible. Blurry, incomplete, or low-quality images can hinder the verification process. To avoid this, ensure the documents you upload are well-lit, in focus, and without any obstructions.

3. Mismatched Photocopies: KYC documents typically require a clear photocopy of your original documents. If the photocopy you provide doesn't match the original document, it can result in verification failure. Make sure the photocopies are accurate and complete.

4. Incorrect Document ID: Sometimes, individuals mistakenly upload the wrong type of document. For a successful KYC verification, ensure that you upload the correct type of identification as per the platform's requirements.

5. Invalid Documents: KYC verification only accepts specific types of documents. Using documents that are not considered valid for KYC can lead to verification failure. Double-check that you're using the approved document types.

6. Duplicate Document Image: Each document should be unique. Uploading the same image for both ID and address proof is not acceptable. Make sure you provide two distinct documents to support your KYC verification.

7. Underage Documents: KYC verification requires that the documents belong to an individual who is of legal age. If the documents provided belong to someone underage, the verification will not pass. Ensure your documents are appropriate for your age.

8. Invalid Selfie: Some KYC processes may require a selfie for identity verification. An invalid or non-compliant selfie can result in KYC failure. Make sure your selfie follows the specified guidelines for clarity and format.

Note: If your KYC verification fails for any of these reasons, please carefully review and rectify the issues before attempting the verification process again.