Before you activate your SRF account, you need to do the following tasks:

  1. Configure Wrapper URL

  2. Barcode Settings

  3. Order Verification Settings, and

  4. Region Selection

Configure Wrapper URL:

Sellers can configure this webhook to receive shipment information for orders created with the Async Wrapper API. Fill in the following information for this:

Callback URL: This is the webhook URL to which the seller's payload is sent.

Header Key: Enter the key that is being used to authorise this endpoint.

Header Value: The value of the key used to authorise the API

Barcode Settings:

Throughout the fulfilment process, we use barcodes to identify and track inventory. The following barcode templates are supported by us:

  • Thermal Roll

  • A4 (210mmx297mm)

  • Custom CSV Download

Next, choose the type of barcode and dimensions before saving your barcode settings.

Order Verification Settings:

Turn the toggle on to verify your COD and Prepaid orders before courier assignment. 

Region Selection:

Choose which region of India you want to serve with our fulfilment services. You can choose multiple options here.