Your fulfilment account has 4 types of orders:

Active Orders: Orders which are currently getting processed in the warehouse. 

On-Hold Orders: Orders that have been put on hold due to inventory shortage or some other technical issue.

On-hold reasons:

  • Insufficient wallet balance

  • Pincode not serviceable

  • Customer name or phone number with a special character

  • Courier refused to shipment because the weight was exceeded

  • The name and address of the customer are not in the supported language (English).

  • Technical Issues

  • In the region selection settings, the region is disabled

  • Others

Note: If order verification is enabled, your orders will remain in Orders>On-Hold Orders until manually verified.

Back Orders: When we receive orders for items that have an ASN but are currently out of stock. We treat them as backorders and try to fulfil them as soon as the items arrive in our warehouse.

Completed Orders: Orders that have been shipped and delivered successfully.