An overview of how Shiprocket Fulfillment works:

  • Start by registering yourself for Shiprocket Fulfillment

a) First, create a Shiprocket account. In case you already have one, log in to your account. 

b) Next, you need to fill the below documents to complete your registration for SRF:

1. Warehouse state's GST registration

2. Shiprocket-Seller Agreement

3. Additional place of business registration

4. Meteorology certificate for selected products

c) Post-approval, we'll mark our warehouse as your primary pickup address.

  • Drop your products at our warehouse

a) Now, create a consignment and drop your products at our warehouse.

b) Once received, we'll conduct a quality check based on your set preferences. If passed, we'll store the products in our warehouse. 

  • Shipping and Order Management by SRF

Now, whenever you get an order, SRF will pack and deliver it to your buyers.