To process the new returns on the shiprocket panel follow the below steps:

a) Go to Returns >> Return Request page. Click on the accept button to first accept the return request.

b) All accepted returns will be moved to the New Returns page, where you can schedule pickup by clicking the "Schedule Pickup" button next to each order.

c) Select the courier company to initiate the pickup process and generate AWB.

d) During the shipment process, you can track all the return orders under the “Ready for Pickup”, “In Transit” & “Delivered” tabs.

e) The refund button will be enabled against each return order according to your refund settings.

f) Once the Refund button is enabled, you can mark the return order as refunded by clicking on it.

g) In the “Delivered” tab, acknowledge and restock all the returns by clicking on the “Acknowledge” button under the action tab.