While Shiprocket works hard for smooth deliveries, sometimes unforeseen circumstances lead to packages being returned to you (RTO). In such cases, you'll be responsible for an RTO charge to cover the costs of the return journey.

Why You'll Be Charged for RTOs:

  • Return Logistics: When a courier can't deliver and has to return your shipment, Shiprocket incurs costs. The RTO charge helps recoup these expenses.

Understanding RTO Charges:

The exact RTO fee depends on two key factors:

  • Shipment Weight: Heavier items naturally cost more to return, so the RTO charge increases with weight.
  • Delivery Zone: Shiprocket divides locations into zones based on distance. Shipments traveling further for return will incur a higher RTO charge.

Getting RTO Charge Estimates:

  • Courier Assignment: You'll also see the RTO charge associated with your chosen courier during the shipment booking process.