Listed below are the steps to update the catalogue:

Step 1: Access ONDC Dashboard: Begin by navigating to the ONDC dashboard in the left menu navigation.

Step 2: Open the catalogue: Once you're on the dashboard, click on the "catalogue" tab. This will take you to the listing screen.

Step 3: Update Icon: In the top right corner, you'll find an update icon. Click on it. This action will open a pop-up window with additional options.

Step 4: Download Product List: Inside the pop-up, you'll see an option to "Download Product." Click on this option, and it will generate a list of all the products currently in your Shiprocket ecosystem. 

Step 5: Review SKU Information: In the downloaded list, pay attention to the first two columns labelled "Master SKU" and "Child SKU." These are system-generated and should be left unchanged. 

Step 6: Update Parameters: Now, you can update the parameters for the SKUs in the list. Make the necessary changes against these SKUs.

Step 7: Upload the Updated File: After making your updates, upload the modified file. If you need a reference for parameter values, you can download a sample file for guidance.

Step 8: Error Checking: Once you've uploaded the file, the system will check for any errors. If there are errors, you can find details in the "Tools" section under "Activity Logs." You have the option to download the error file and make corrections to your catalogue file accordingly.

Step 9: Status Update: If there are no errors, the updated SKU/Product information will be shared with ONDC, and the status will be set to "ONDC pending." ONDC will review and provide a status update, which can be either "ONDC Approved" or "ONDC Rejected."

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the updated data to be reflected in the buyer apps.