The ONDC network, initiated by the Government, presents a remarkable opportunity for you. Its mission is to enhance the potential of digital commerce, with projections of substantial growth over the next five years. By becoming part of this network, you can tap into an additional sales channel that holds immense promise. 

ONDC boasts several advantages over traditional marketplaces:

1. Wide Exposure with Minimal Effort: You need only to register on a single platform to instantly make your products available across numerous buyer apps connected to the network.

2. Rating Ownership: Unlike shifting from one platform to another, where ratings are left behind, ONDC grants you ownership of the ratings throughout transitions to different platforms.

3. Equitable Playing Field: ONDC ensures a level playing field for you, preventing preferential treatment of private labels and fostering fair competition.

4. Customised Terms: You on the network have the autonomy to define your own terms, allowing for greater flexibility and customisation.

5. Cost-Effective Selling: The cost of selling on ONDC is notably lower than traditional alternatives, enabling you to maximise the profits.

Joining the ONDC network opens doors to expanded sales revenues, rating continuity, fair competition, flexibility in business terms, and cost efficiency, making it a compelling choice for you aiming to prosper in the digital commerce landscape.