What is a Multi-Packet Shipment?

A multi-packet shipment allows you to ship multiple packages under a single order on Shiprocket. This is useful when you have an order with several items that need to be shipped in separate packages, potentially due to size or weight limitations.

Benefits of Multi-Packet Shipment:

  • Saves Time:  You only need to create one order and print labels for all the packages.
  • Cost-Effective:  Multi-packet shipment might be a cheaper option in comparison to sending individual packages. Less packaging can also lead to cost savings.
  • Easier Tracking: All the individual packages can be tracked with the single master AWB.

Currently, enabling Multi-Packet Shipment (MPS) requires completing Shiprocket's MPS training.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Contact Shiprocket Seller Support: Reach out to Shiprocket's seller support team through their available channels (phone, email, etc.).

  2. Schedule MPS Training:  Request to schedule the MPS training session.

  3. Complete Training: Once scheduled, attend the MPS training to learn about the feature and its proper use.

  4. MPS Enabled After Training: Upon successful completion of the training, Shiprocket will enable the MPS feature for your account within 48 working hours.

How to Create a Multi-Packet Shipment with Shiprocket:

  1. Go to Orders  > Add Order.
  2. Enter the buyer details and click Next.
  3. Select the pickup address for the shipment and click Next.
  4. Enter the relevant order details including product details and quantity.
  5. Select the payment mode and any additional charges (if applicable). Click Next.
  6. Enter the number of packages in your shipment.
  7. Enter package combined weight and combined dimensions details.
  8. Click Add Order.

After Creating the Order, you need to process the Shipment:

  • Shiprocket will assign a single master AWB to the entire shipment.
  • You can print individual package labels for each package.
  • Print the invoice and manifest documents. (Manifest shows details of all packages under the master AWB.)
  • Schedule a pickup oof the shipment as per your preference.

Watch this video to learn how you can create Multi-packet Shipment with Shiprocket!