Shiprocket offers several plans to our users based on their business and shipping needs:


LITE: We recommend this plan for sellers who ship not over 60 shipments in a month. It’s a FREE plan with 0-month minimum sign up period. The shipping rate starts from ₹26.27/0.5 kg (exclusive of GST). Choose this plan if you are a social seller or a newbie in the world of e-commerce. 


BASIC: Get this plan if you ship between 60-100 shipments in a month. This would be a good plan to buy if you also sell on different channels like Amazon, Shopify, etc. You get 2 channels integration at a monthly price of Rs. 1000. In the basic plan, shipping rates start from ₹24.58/0.5 kg (exclusive of GST). 


ADVANCED: This plan is for someone who ships between 100-300 shipments in a month. Also, choose this plan if you have around 10000 SKUs in your inventory. Other than that, we offer all 7 channel integration in our Advanced plan. The per month price of the Advanced Plan is 2000/month and the shipping rate starts from ₹22.88/0.5 kg (exclusive of GST). 


PRO: The Pro Plan is for sellers who ship between 300-1000 shipments in a month. It’s a great plan for sellers who have a large inventory as we offer around 25000 SKUs in this plan. Also, you will get all 7 channel integration and your own Key Account Manager to help you out. The per month price of the Pro Plan is 3000/month and the shipping rate starts from ₹20.34/0.5 kg (exclusive of GST).  


ENTERPRISE: This is an exclusive plan for sellers who ship over 2500 shipments per month. It is a completely unique plan that is not available to everyone on our panel. If you are interested in this plan, we would request you contact our seller support team at +91-9711621040. 


Click Here to view a detailed comparison of each plan as this will help you to select the right plan as per your shipment needs.