Follow the below mentioned steps to easily calculate your international shipping rates:

Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket Account.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Tools” option from the side menu and select Rate Calculator.

Step 3: Now choose international from top. 

Step 4: Add your Pickup area pincode from where you want your shipment to get picked.

Step 5: Add your destination country where you wish to deliver your shipment. 

Step 6: Input the Actual Weight of your shipment. Actual weight is the final weight of your shipment including the product and all packaging. It should always be in Kg. 

Step 7: We always recommend you to add the dimensions of your shipment as volumetric weight defines the space a shipment occupies and therefore gives you more accurate rate of your shipment. 

Step 8: Now, Click the calculate button to view the shipping rates of your shipment. 

On the left side of your courier rate result, check your order details including pickup pincode, delivery pincode and the applicable weight in Kg. 

You can check the serviceable list of couriers, ratings, and shipment rate here.