Follow the below mentioned steps to easily calculate your shipping rates:


Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket Account.


Step 2: Navigate to the “Tools” from the side menu and select Rate Calculator.




Step 3: Now, select your shipment type. Forward shipment is when an order is being delivered from you to the customer’s address. Whereas, Return shipment is when a customer buys a product but is not happy with it and initiates a return and now, the shipment is returning back to the pickup address.  



Step 4: Enter your Pickup area pincode which can be your office, home or maybe warehouse address.


Step 5: Enter the delivery area pincode which will be your end customer’s address.  


Step 6: Enter the Actual Weight of your shipment. Actual weight is the final weight of your shipment including the product and packaging. It should always be in Kg. 


Step 7: We always recommend you add the dimensions of your shipment as volumetric weight defines the space a shipment occupies and therefore gives you a more accurate rate of your shipment. 


Step 8: Select your Shipment Payment Type. 


Step 9: Enter the Value of your shipment. You can also secure your high-value shipments above 5,000/- with Shiprocket Secure to safeguard your shipment from any loss or damage.


Step 10: Select yes or no accordingly to acknowledge dangerous goods. Dangerous Goods are items that may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board it as there are potential adverse effects of temperature, pressure and humidity variations.


Step 11: Now, click the calculate button to view the shipping rates of your shipment. 



On the left side of your courier rate result, check your order details including your pickup pincode, delivery area, shipment value, payment type, and applicable weight in Kg.


Check the serviceable list of couriers, their estimated delivery dates, rating, chargeable weight, shipment rate, and applied COD charges here if you have opted for cash on delivery payment type. 


Click on create shipment button and you will be directed to the quick shipment form page where you can fill in the remaining information of your shipment and can save yourself from a lot of hassles.