Follow the steps below to integrate your Shiprocket account with Ecwid:

1. Log in to your Shiprocket account.

2. Go to Setup & Manage >> Channels from the left menu. Next, click on the Add New Channel button.

3. Next, find the Ecwid channel and click on Add.

4. Fill in the required information and then click the 'Connect to Ecwid' button on your screen to continue.

5. You'll be directed to the Ecwid login page. To log in, enter your Ecwid username and password.

6. Once logged in, you'll see a pop-up on your screen asking you to 'Authorize Shiprocket'. To proceed, confirm your account integration details and click 'Authorize'.

7. When you click Authorize, you will be redirected to your Shiprocket account. Please click the 'Edit' button to customize your Ecwid channel to your preference. 

Note: Shiprocket will begin importing your Ecwid orders into Shiprocket after 30-minutes of successful integration.