Get Shiprocket Courier rates for each order based on your shipping and customer pin code. Using this app you can display shiprocket’s courier serviceability and Estimated Date of Delivery(EDD) on your Product and Checkout page.

Please enable this plugin to make changes to your product and checkout page.

App Description:

Seamlessly integrate with Shiprocket which to ship across 26000 pin codes in India at the best rates possible. Give your customer the option to choose their preferable courier partner.

App Features:

  1. Seamless Signup on Shiprocket

  2. Integrate your existing shiprocket using Single Sign On (SSO)

  3. Show your customers multiple courier partners with their estimated delivery time, rate, and mode on the checkout page. 

  4. Available on all Shiprocket Plans

  5. Displays custom EDD on the Product Description Page based on the courier priority you have set on your Shiprocket panel.

  6. Now let your buyer incur shipping charges based on their selected courier rather than you incurring all the shipping charges.

  7. Display fallback ‘flat rates’ if in case none of the shiprocket couriers are serviceable.

  1. Search for Shiprocket in WordPress Plugin Store

  2. Click On Install Now

  3. Post Installation, the User will have to activate the app

  4. Shiprocket plugin will be visible on WordPress installed plugin Page.

App Configuration Process:

  1. For a non-registered user, please begin by entering your email ID. You can use the same email ID to log in to your Shiprocket panel. For registered users, please enter your

    1. registered Shiprocket email ID.

    2. Company Name

    3. First Name

    4. Last name

    5. Registered Mobile Number

  2. Post entering all the details, the user has to click on the button “Signup on Shiprocket and Get API Keys”.

  3. If the user is already present, the app will map your existing Shiprocket account. If not, the app will create a new Shiprocket Account.

  4. User has to enter the Shipping Method title which will be displayed on the Checkout Page

  5. It is mandatory to enter the fallback shipping charges which can be applied in case none of the Shiprocket couriers are serviceable.

  6. Please save all the changes once done.

  7. To show your customers real-time rates and EDD on your website, please enable RealTime rates in your App settings.

WooCommerce Channel Integration on Shiprocket

To fetch orders and catalog in Shiprocket the user has to configure his WooCommerce API in Shiprocket Channel Configuration Page.

If the user already has a channel created on Shiprocket, he does not have to follow the following steps to integrate his Woocommerce Channel.

Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket account. Go to Manage >> All Channels from the left menu.

Step 2: Click on the 'Add New Channel' button to add your Woocommerce channel

Step 3: Locate the Woocommerce channel and click on the 'Add' button

Step 4:  Here, enter your Woocommerce store URL and click on 'Connect to Woocommerce'

Step 5: On clicking,  you will be redirected to a page within WooCommerce. Please click on "Approve" to give Shiprocket the required permission to operate

Step 6: Once you approve the connection, it will redirect you to the previous "Channel" page with a consumer key and consumer secret

Step 7: Click on the "Update Channel & Test Credentials" to connect your channel with Shiprocket.

Please Note:

 Please be ensured that your REST API is enabled in your WooCommerce plugin. To do this,

1. Within your WordPress admin, go to the WooCommerce section. 

2. Click on "Settings" and go to the API tab. 

3. Check if your REST API is enabled or not. If you don't have an API tab, you need to upgrade your WooCommerce plugin to the latest version. 

4. To show serviceability on your buyer panel, please update the weight in kgs and dimensions in cms for every product in your WooCommerce account.