The following items are not covered by the new Shiprocket Secure policy:

1) Bulk shipments unless carried out in ISO Tank containers or purpose-built road or rail tank conveyance

2) Bloodstock livestock and living creature

3) Alcohol spirit for consumption

4) Cigarettes

5) Deeds securities, treasury notes, and the like excluding passports

6) Designs, patterns plan, manuscripts, and all such documents

7) Money (including bank notes and coin currencies)

8) Precious stones and metals (including but not limited to bullion, jewellery made of gold, silver, other precious stones, gems, etc, precious coins, and such precious items/ articles)

9) stamps, duty stamps, tickets, and the like

10) Motor vehicles, aircraft, water craft and the like 

11) Arms, ammunitions, and explosives

12) Cement

13) Charity Goods, and / or humanitarian aid

14) Household goods and personal effects excluding those belonging to the official of the clients named in the policy, 

15) Prototypes and one of a kind interest

16) Hazardous Goods

17) Explosives

18) Gases (including compressed air of gas appliances)

19) Indian Postal Articles

20) Flammable Cargo like petrol, diesel and such allied cargoes 

21) Poisonous / Toxic Articles

22) Radioactive Materials

23) Corrosive Material

24) Precious and Semi-precious items excluding any fashion jewelry would be covered

25) Chemicals and power if not accompanied by chemicals analysis report and material safety data sheet and NON-DGR Declaration

26) Work of art

Note: Second Hand items are not covered • Unexplained shortages or shortages out of sound packing are not covered. • Mysterious disappearances are not covered. • The above list is not exhaustive and a detailed list is available under the policy terms and conditions.