This payment settings page helps to configure the Payment gateways which are currently integrated with Shiprocket Checkout, and also the Payment modes that are applicable.


  • COD at top: On checkout the COD option can be shown as the first option via switching the toggle on.

  • Other payment method display count: Type a numeric value, to show the number of options for payment on the checkout.

Adding and activating payment gateway

Here is the preview of overall dashboard, where anyone can add the creds to activate the PG(payment Gateway)

Step 1:-Click on add new gateway button & to choose the one you want to have-

After clicking on ‘Add New Gateway’ A new window Pops Up with the varieties of payment gateways option.

Step 2: Choose the PG you want to activate on your Buy Now Button,

Each and every Pg has a specific SOP to integrate with fastrr and requires different credentials like-

1. Razorpay-

  • Clients need to get their MID s2s enabled for which, the MIDs are to be entered on the  ‘Razorpay’ sheet through KAM/BDM.

  • The ‘Razorpay’ will confirm us with the activation of the particular entered MID.

  • Once the integration is complete, the client must click on “Authorize with Razorpay”. Client will be redirected to Razorpay to confirm this Authorization

  • Once all the above steps are completed, then you have to select the payment methods.

  • Then  click on ‘save’ once this is saved then  you can  set up the priority which is shown in the last of these steps.

2. Easebuzz-

For EaseBuzz, the case is a bit different.

  • Here the client needs to register on link

  • The PG will share the creds(Key & Salt).

  •  Using the help of that sheet the spokesperson will collect the Key & Salt and paste those in the payment panel, as shown in the Screenshot. After entering all the details, EaseBuzz will be activated.

  • After entering all the details the client can choose the mode of payment.

3. BillDesk:

This requires a different set of credentials as shown below,

  • Clients have to fill the form with the requirements in it. This will be provided by the spokesperson.

  • MID will be added by the Billdesk team on that sheet.

  • The provided MID and CID is then entered into the Payment dashboard as shown in the screenshot below.

  • After, entering all the details the client can choose the mode of payment.


  • Client will mail domain name to credpay.

  • Credpay team will now send a unique set of MID and secret key in mail

  • Then the team will enable it

5. Payu-

  • PayU Creds are provided by the merchant to the spokesperson.

  • Then these creds are to be entered into the PayU sheet.

  • Once these have been entered in the sheet, then after confirmation from the payment Gateway team these are uploaded on the payment dashboard.

6. Snapmint-

  • The Client has to provide us with the MID , Key and Salt for the activation.

  • All these Creds will be sent to snapmint’s spokesperson for the confirmation.

  • Once the confirmation is received, all these are added into the payment dashboard as shown in the screenshot.


7. Setu-

  • The Client has to fill the form. 

  • After filling the form the KAM/BDM will mentioned all the details on the Panel using the Deep Link(Kotak)

  • Once the form is filled on the website then, that form goes to Setu for verification.

  • After verification, the form is then sent to the Parent Company I.e PineLabs for the approval.

  • After all the approvals the Setu will be activated.

8. Cashfree

  • Clients have to mail with the proper format to the CashFree team for the activation.

  • After the confirmation, the CashFree team updated the creds on their Cashfree Panel.

  • Once this is done these creds are then uploaded in the Integration sheet, where the team will integrate it.

  • After the confirmation of the integration team, the spokesperson have to enter the creds in payment dashboard. Attaching the screenshot

Setting Up Primary and Secondary PG

Once done with creds then, the primary and secondary PG is to be added as shown in the below screenshot.
This is mainly used for UPI, where in case Primary PG UPI is down, we can redirect the request to the secondary PG UPI for processing payment.