In this section, you can access existing discounts, create and import discounts from Shopify, and generate a diverse range of offers tailored to best serve your customers.

Existing Discounts Overview

Here, you can access all existing discounts created within Shiprocket Checkout. Each discount is listed with detailed information, including the creator and date of creation, as well as the updater and date of the last update. 

Below are the key details provided for each discount:

  • Discount Name: Displays the name of the discount.

  • Type: Indicates the type of discount (e.g., percentage, fixed amount).

  • Start Date: Shows the start date and time when the discount becomes active.

  • End Date: Indicates the end date and time when the discount expires.

  • Status: Allows you to enable or disable the discount.

  • Actions: Offers options to edit or delete the discount.

Feel free to edit or delete existing discounts as needed to manage your promotional offers effectively. You can also enable or disable discounts based on your campaign schedule and requirements.

Create discounts Overview

Shiprocket Checkout provides extensive discount configuration features, enabling efficient creation and management of various discount types. 

Discount Types:

  1. Amount off products

  2. Amount off cart

  3. Tiered Discount

  4. Buy X get Y

  5. Bundle

  6. Import Discounts

  7. Upselling

  8. Bank Offers