Integrate your WIX store with Shiprocket using WIX auth mechanism.

Follow the steps below:
1) Log in to your Shiprocket account and go to Setup & Manage >> Channels from the left menu.

2) Here, click on the Add New Channel Button.

3) Locate the WIX Channel in the list of all channels and click "Add."

4) Click on the 'Connect To Wix Store’ button on your screen to continue.

5) You'll be directed to the WIX seller login page. To log in, enter your WIX username and password.

6) Once logged in, you'll see a pop-up on your screen asking you to 'Authorize Shiprocket'. To proceed, click on ‘Agree & Add’.

7) When you click Agree & Add, you will be redirected to your Shiprocket account. Please click the 'Edit' button to customize your WIX channel to your preference on th channel page.

8.Enter the WIX order status that you want to fetch in your Shiprocket panel and turn the toggle on for order sync.

(Status to fetch: NOT_FULFILLED)