Glossary of Acronyms: 

First & last mile

Shipment Status

Order / Seller Attributes

NPR: Non Pickup Reason

RNPR: Reverse Non Pickup Reason

FNPR: Forward Non Pickup Reason

EDD: Estimated Delivery Date 

PDD: Promised Delivery Date

DNR: Delivery Not Received

DNU: Delivered Not Updated

POD: Proof of Delivery

3PL: Third-Party Logistics

RTO NDR: Return to Origin 

NDR :Non Delivery Report

RAD: Reached at destination

OFD: Out for Delivery

OFP: Out for pickup

RTS: Ready to ship

RTO: Return to Origin

ODA: Out of Delivery Area

KYC: Know Your Customer

SKU: Stock Keeping Unit

AWB: Air Waybill

PID: Product Identity

COD: Cash on Delivery

NPS: Net Promoter Score

QC: Quality Check