On the Rate Card, you will find all courier partners in a list segregated as per their shipment modes. If you wish to compare the different Shiprocket plans, you can easily do it right from the rate card by clicking on the drop-down menu shown in the below-mentioned image. 

As shown in the above mentioned image, select any of the plans from lite, basic, advanced, and pro for which you wish to check the rates and the rest of the courier details. 

Filters are added to the Rate card for your convenience so that you can easily shortlist couriers based on their parameters and your preferences.

You will find four different filters in the Rate Card:

1. Courier: Here, you can apply the courier filter to shortlist your preferred couriers depending on their names. 

2. Mode: This filter enables you to find suitable couriers depending on your applied shipping modes. It can be air, surface, or hyperlocal. This will help you to save time and energy too as you don’t have to go through the entire list. Instead, you can apply filter for your preferred shipping modes which will help you to get a concise list of couriers. 

3. Weight: The weight filter is to help you find a concise list of couriers depending on the weight of your shipment. This way, you will be able to save yourself from the pain of going through the entire rate card. 

4. Sort By: This filter enables you to sort your couriers by weight. This will provide a clearer view of your preferred courier partners, particularly if you ship in specific weight categories.

The result displayed will be according to the plan you selected and the filters you applied. 

Similarly, you can check for the rest of the plans and compare them.