Follow the listed below steps to check applied COD charges:

Step 1: Log in to your Shiprocket Account.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Tools” from the side menu and select Rate Calculator.

Step 3: Now, select your shipment type. Forward shipment is when an order is being delivered from you to the customer’s address. Whereas, Return shipment is when a customer buys a product but not happy with it and initiates a return and now, the shipment is returning back to the pickup address.  

Step 4: Enter your Pickup area pincode which can be your office, home or may be warehouse address.

Step 5: Enter the delivery area pincode which will be your end customer’s address.  

Step 6: Enter the Actual Weight of your shipment. Actual weight is the final weight of your shipment including the product and packaging. It should always be in Kg. 

Step 7: We always recommend you add the dimensions of your shipment as volumetric weight defines the space a shipment occupies and therefore gives you a more accurate rate of your shipment. 

Step 8: For payment type, select COD. 

Step 9: Click on the calculate button and check the results. 

Step 10: Go to the Shipment Rate column and hover on the info icon to check the bifurcation of Freight and COD charges. 

For COD shipments, a fixed COD charge or COD% of the order value whichever is higher will be taken while calculating the COD fee.


Example: For a shipment weighing 0.5 Kg from New Delhi to Chennai, a courier partner charges a fee of Rs. 36 and COD % at 2.50%. Then the value of your shipments can be calculated as below-


Order Value

Rs. 750

COD % (2.5%)

Rs. 18.75

COD Fixed Charges

Rs. 36

Volumetric Weight

10x10x10/5000 = 0.02kg

*All Values shown are for illustration purpose only.