The branded tracking page provided by Shiprocket is an effective tool for easy shipment tracking. To promote your brand and involve customers after the sale, you can add product recommendations to the branded tracking page. With the help of Shiprocket's product recommendations, you may present Best Sellers, Trending, Newest, or Custom Products and boost sales.

Step 1: Go to Buyer Experience from the left Menu.

Step 2: Click on Tracking Page

Step 3: Click on product recommendations

Step 4: Click on add carousel button

Step 5: Select a channel

Step 6: Select a recommendation type. You can choose any of the following recommendation types:

  • Best sellers: Shows products which has the maximum number of sales in last 30 days

  • Trending: Shows products which has the maximum number of sales in last 15 days 

  • Newest: Shows products which has been added to your catalog recently

  • Custom: Search and select any products you want to add from your catalog.

Step 7: Add a section name to your carousel for eg. What’s New, You might also like etc.

Step 8: Choose the number of products for your carouse. You can show a minimum of 2 products and add up to 8 products.

Step 9: Check the carousel preview and click save.

Note: If you don’t want the product price to be shown on the tracking page. You can enable the hide product price toggle button.