When shipping with Amazon, please adhere to the standards outlined below. Please keep in mind that these are the mandatory requirements, and failure to meet them may result in unsuccessful pickups.

a) Only labels printed on self-adhesive paper will be accepted. Any printer can be used to print. Sample affordable Adhesive Labels for ref: https://www.amazon.in/VCR-Adhesive-Sticker-Printer-Inject/dp/B083GC9STL/ref=sr_1_33?crid=162VD0A8O1BJA&keywords=a4+adhesive+sheets+glossy&qid=1639632680&sprefix=a4+adhesive+%2Caps%2C293&sr=8-33

b) Please print the label on high-quality sticky paper. Apply the label to the final package.

c) Do not use tape (of any kind) over the label to secure the label. Do not make any markings on the shipping label.

d) The label print must be readable and clear. Make sure the bar code and QR code are scannable, and that the to/from address is visible.

e) Labels should not be resized to fit more than four labels on an A4 sheet, which is 4'x6' inches in size for each label. Labels smaller than 4'x6' inches in size cannot be scanned and may result in package loss during transit.

f) Do not fold the shipping label along any edge as the Information at the bottom of the label is required at various points during transit.

g) Polybags with pouches (POD bags) should not be used for packaging. Please keep labels out of the outer package's document pouch.

h) Affix shipping label on the visible side of the package and put the invoice inside the package.

i) Noncompliance with these guidelines may result in the following:

- Pickup associate may refuse to pick up the packages.

- Ship with Amazon services can be disabled for your account.

- Orders may get cancelled or delayed.