1. International shipping is only available on Advanced or higher plans.

  2. In order to begin international shipping, the seller must first complete the KYC process (a one-time process) with the courier partners who are available for international shipments.

  3. Couriers with the necessary information are listed below.


Aramex International


delivery reliability of around 95%

Value Limit

Upto 25000 INR

Weight Limit

14 KG


100$ or Invoice Value whichever is lower

Pickup TAT

24-48 Hrs.

Shipping TAT

9 working days

  1. The shipping TAT mentioned in the aforementioned table is calculated from the day the shipment departs the origin hub.

  2. Shipping documentation is required, which includes an invoice copy that has been signed and stamped, as well as a label (AWB copy).

  3. If there is a query from customs/airlines, some additional documents may be required in addition to the invoice and label.

  4. Before dispatching the shipment, the seller must verify the details on the invoice and label to avoid any delays or discrepancies at a later stage.

  1. The movement of international shipments is at the discretion of the airlines and customs authorities of both origin and destination.

  2. POD is not available for international shipments.

  3. Customs duty charged at the destination will be borne by the consignee, with the exception of any VAT, quarantine, or penalty charges, which will be borne solely by the seller.

  4. If a shipment is not delivered at its destination, the airline will hold it for 7-10 days before auto-destroying it and billing any charges to the seller's account.