Uploading an Eway Bill is mandatory for shipping goods worth more than Rs. 50000. In Shiprocket, you can upload your Eway Bill from:

  1. Generate Pickup popup

  2. Ready to Ship tab

  3. Order Details screen

  1. Generate Pickup Popup

At the time of pickup generation, we will ask you to upload an Eway bill for your order. Here are the details you need to upload the Eway Bill:

  1. Eway Bill number

  2. Eway Bill (PDF format)

  3. Eway Bill invoice

Next, click on the 'Eway Bill' button to proceed. You can then go ahead and generate a pickup for your order. 

2. Ready to Ship Screen

Search for your order and scroll towards your right to find the 'Upload Eway Bill' button. Click on it to add the required details to upload your Eway Bill. Once done, you can generate a pickup for your order. 

3. Order Details Screen

Click on the order ID to see complete details of your order. Here you’ll find an 'Upload Eway bill' button at the top half of your screen. Click on it to upload your Eway bill and generate your order pickup.