We hope this troubleshooting checklist will help you solve some of the common issues you can face while integrating your Shopify account with Shiprocket: 

Shopify Read and Write Access: We need admin access for the below APIs to smoothly integrate your Shopify account with Shiprocket:

Read Access:  Fulfillment Services & Inventory 

Read & Write Access: Products, Product Listings, Assigned Fulfillment Orders, Customers, Draft Orders, Orders, Merchant Managed Fulfillment Orders, Order Editing, Store Content, Third-Party Fulfillment Orders.   

Invalid Credentials: This error pops when there is something wrong with the way you authenticated Shiprocket. To solve this issue, go back and check if you have provided the required ‘Read and Write’ access for the above-mentioned APIs. 

Shiprocket IP Address Block: Check and unblock the IP address address of shiprocket on your server. 

Shop URL: Find your shop URL in the URL bar of the browser when are on the admin page of your Shopify account. The shop URL looks something like


Note: If you already have a Shiprocket account with the same email address as on Shopify, both accounts will get connected by default.