We hope this troubleshooting checklist and tips will help you solve some of the common issues you can face while integrating your Amazon account with Shiprocket: 

Broken Channel: You need to regenerate MWS Auth Token to fix the broken channel issue. Please follow this help doc to understand how to do it.  

Orders Sync: Please follow the steps below to know how to resolve your orders sync issue:

  • Go to Orders from the left menu and click on All Orders. 

  • Here, you'll find a refresh button on the top-right corner of your screen. Use this button to refresh your orders sync. 

Amazon Tracking ID: When you ship an order with Shiprocket, you get an AWB number or tracking ID. To update your order status on Amazon, paste the same tracking ID against the respective order in Amazon seller account.

Self Ship vs. Easy Ship: Please know we only import Self Ship orders in Shiprocket.