The new refund option is an advancement and a final step in our already existing return flow. It facilitates you to capture your customers' refund preferences, i.e. refund to the wallet, source account, or directly in their bank account. This module will help you optimize your customers' return experience by making the whole process seamless and hasslefree.

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Read below to understand the customer process better:

  1. Your customer creates a return order: The return process is the same as before with only one addition. Now, at the time of creating a return order, your buyer will be able to select the mode of refund for their return. 

  2. You successfully receive the return products: As soon as the status changes to "Return Delivered" for your order, it moves to the "Refunds" tab. 

  3. Select the refund status: In the Refund tab, you have two options for your return order:

Processing: It means you have received the return parcel, and you'll soon process the refund amount. 

Completed: It means you have processed the refund amount, and it will reach your buyer within 7-10 business days.

By default, we keep the order in the "initiated" status.

4. If you select the "Processing" option, we'll only change the status of your refund without adding the UTR number.

5. If you choose the "Completed" option, we’ll ask you to enter the UTR number. This step will ensure that you have refunded your customer successfully.


We'll share the same information with your customer via email & SMS.