We hope this troubleshooting checklist will help you solve some of the common issues you can face while integrating your WooCommerce account with Shiprocket: 

Store URL: Please ensure that the store URL does not contain added paths like admin or have wrong spellings. Verify that you are entering the appropriate HTTP vs. HTTPS for your site.

Channel Version: Make sure you are using the latest version of your WooCoomerce plugin. 

Website Status: Your WooCommerce website should be live and functional.

Verify your Credentials: Verify your credentials to ensure smooth order sync.

Read and Write Permission: Check that the permissions for the account used to connect with Shiprocket have the "Read/Write" permission. 

Invalid Credentials, 401, 403 error: 

This indicates authorization error. Please follow the steps below to check the issue:

WooCommerce API should be enabled on the site. To check this setting: 

1. Go to WP Admin under WooCoomerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API. Click on the checkbox to enable REST API.

2. Remove any .htaccess rules which are restricting access to the site. 

4. Disable any plugins that are blocking access to the site.

Note: New API credentials needed in case you have migrated to a new server. After this, update the same API credentials on your Shiprocket panel.

5. Check and unblock the IP address address of shiprocket on your server. 


Enable REST API in your WooCommerce plugin. For this;

To enable the REST API within WooCommerce, log into your WooCommerce account > Settings > Advanced > Legacy API and tick the Enable REST API checkbox.