Adding a local order is pretty similar to adding any other order in Shiprocket. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

1. The maximum distance between a pickup pincode and the delivery pincode is 5kms. Keep this in mind while creating local shipments.

2. The maximum weight for shipping local shipments should not exceed 15kgs.

3. As the name suggests, local is "within city" delivery. Please keep this in mind to avoid any confusion.

4. Once you assign the courier, your shipment will be picked up within 60 minutes. Please keep the order ready at the time of pickup. 

5. Currently, the local delivery service is only available for prepaid shipments. 

6. The distance between the selected location and the actual location should not exceed 200 meters. Please note an incorrect location can lead to cancellation/RTO charges.


How to add a local order?

1. Log in to your Shiprocket panel and click on Orders --> Add Order

2. Here, start adding your order as you would normally do. You can also select your delivery pincode from the Google Map integrated within the order screen.

please refer to the image below:

3. Next, add your product details.

4. Choose your pickup address (as mentioned above, hyperlocal delivery service is only available if the distance between pickup and delivery pincode is under 5kms)

5. Add shipment weight and other details. Finally, click on the "Add Order" button to proceed. 

Next, ship your order:

1. Select your order and click on Ship Now.

2. A pop will open, where you can see our local courier partner. Select the courier and ship your order.

3. Keep the shipment ready before generating a pickup.