NDR Buyer Flow is an automated service that helps you achieve maximum delivery success rate. There could be multiple reasons behind an undelivered order. Some of them are:

- Buyer is not contactable

- The delivery address is not reachable/closed

- Customer refused delivery

- COD amount was not ready at the time of delivery

- Customer asked for future delivery

- Customer not available, and more.

On activation of NDR Buyer Flow, your buyer receives an IVR call from Shiprocket requesting them for their feedback and response in real-time. With this, we also send an automated SMS with a form to your buyer, where we ask them if the courier's response is right. They can also correct their delivery address and contact details here if required.

The form looks something like this:

How to activate NDR Buyer Flow?

To activate NDR Buyer Flow, go to;

1. Your Shiprocket panel and click on Shipments --> Process NDR

2. Here, click on the "Activate NDR Buyer Flow" button on your top-right corner.

3. On clicking, a pop up will open. To activate NDR Buyer flow for your account, simply click on "Activate". 

Here you go, activate and witness a decrease in your RTOs for yourself.