What is POD?

Proof of Delivery or POD is an important part of the logistics process as it determines the delivery of the package to the customer. 

How to download POD?

POD is only available in two statuses: Delivered and RTO Delivered

To download, you first need to raise a request from the panel by following the steps below: 
1. Go to the "Orders" tab from the left menu and click on "All Orders"

2. Select Delivered/RTO Delivered from the order status filter

3. Click on the "Request POD" icon as shown in the image below:

4. Once you raise the request, it will be available in the next 3-5 business days. You can download the POD from your registered email id, or by following the same steps.

please refer to the image shown below:

Important: Please request for POD before 7 days of the delivered/RTO delivered status of your shipment.