Shiprocket Tracking Page is a completely free feature by Shiprocket which gives you the ability to promote and upsell your products on your order tracking page.

Why should I get a branded tracking page?

Traditional tracking pages are not at all buyer-friendly. Our tracking page solves this problem by showing all necessary shipment-related details to your buyers in a simplified manner. It has details like: 

  1. Estimated delivery time

  2. Courier Name

  3. Real-time tracking details

  4. Order details

More benefits of a branded tracking page:


  • Your Own Tracking Page - Create your tracking page with your own subdomain. There’s no need to share external tracking links with your buyers when you can direct them to your website.

  • Promote deals and discounts - Do not miss a chance to upsell your products with the help of sales banners, promotions, and discounts.