Your success begins with a strategy. That’s why it’s important to choose a courier partner which offers you the best deal. With our courier recommendation engine, you can choose the right courier partner based on cost, estimated pickup time, service quality, and delivery performance. If you want us to decide, then choose the best rated courier partner in your delivery area based on our recommendation engine.

Want to set a custom courier priority? 

These factors will help you choose the best fulfillment partner to surpass your customers’ expectations.

  1. Coverage - How many pin codes does it cover?

  2. Budget - What’s your per shipment budget?

  3. Specialization - What are their areas of expertise? Modes of transport, return pickup, payment modes, years of experience, etc. 

  4. Speed - How much time they take to deliver a shipment?

  5. Reviews - What real people say about their services? 

To set your courier priority, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the 'Settings' tab and click on 'Courier Settings'

2. Now, click on the 'Courier Priority' tab

3. Here, you have four options. Choose the one that best fit in your shipping needs

4. Click on 'Ok' to finalize your priority.