A Push Order Status Mapper helps you to match your channel or website statuses with the default statuses of Shiprocket. By turning it on, you can select or create an order status which you want to push on your channel. When the Push Order Status Mapper is disabled, default push status mapping will work on your channel. 

1. Go to the Settings tab in your Shiprocket panel.

2. Click on Channels under the drop-down menu for Settings

3. Now, click on 'edit' button for the channel you wish to push order statuses. It will redirect you to a new page.

4. Here, you will be able to locate 'Push Order Statuses' header. Please turn the toggle on.

Note: If disabled, Shiprocket default push status mapping will work on your channel.

5. Now, you can either select from the drop-down or create your own custom statuses. Please refer to the image below:

6. Click on 'Update Channel & Test Connection'.

Your new push order statuses have been mapped.