RTO Orders are those Orders that were undelivered to the customer due to some reason and have been returned to the origin. You can easily track your RTO Orders in the Shiprocket panel by the following steps:

  • Go to the 'Shipment' tab in the left panel.
  • Locate 'RTO' from the top level tabs on the screen.

You can now find three classifications for your return orders.

  • Initiated: All those orders for which RTO has been initiated can be viewed in the Initiated tab.
  • Delivered: The return orders that have been delivered to the origin can be seen in the Delivered tab.
  • Acknowledged: Once you raise an acknowledgement for the delivered return order, they move to the Acknowledged tab.

In the RTO tab, you can filter your orders using the date filter.

However, if you wish to search for an order using the Order id or AWB number, you can do so using the search bar

The NDR tab shows all the non delivered orders along with the reasons for non delivery. You can either respond to the raised NDR order with “Reattempt” or “Return to Origin” along with remarks.  Once you respond with Return to Origin, the order moves to the RTO tab. 

To track a specific order inside the RTO tab, click on the order id of that particular order.