Pickup error is one of the 5 pickup statuses that can be seen in the Pickups tab. 

Pickup Error status for your shipments can be seen when either the order details are incorrect or the courier company API is showing error response due some specific reasons. These error messages are shown when you mouse hover on the order number in the Pickups screen.

E.g if you have not entered the package dimensions while creating an order, you may get a Pickup error. In such cases you need to update the correct dimensions to schedule that pickup.

To view your shipments with the Pickup Error status-

  • Go to the Orders tab in the left panel
  • Locate Pickups from the top level tabs
  • The Pickups screen will open. Locate the status section to spot a Pickup error.

Alternatively, you can also filter your orders for Pickup Error status by going to Orders-->All Orders

Then select the Pickup Error option from the drop-down of the 'All Statuses' filter.

In case you are still unable to solve pick up error yourself, kindly take a screen shot of the concerned page and share with the support team on chat support or raise a Ticket from Help page.