We have updated our terms of use and would like you to know about it.

Some of the highlights of the policies are: 

  • In case of forcible snatching or non-payment of COD by buyer, BFRS will not be responsible for COD remittance. Also, the seller must resolve buyer disputes within 24 hrs, failure of which will lead to a hold on the COD remittance. 
  • In case the shipment is packed using generic tapes (Brown/Plain), the courier partners shall not take any liability for pilferage. BFRS will not be responsible for any kind of claim settlement for such shipments. 
  • In case where the merchant ships restricted products by Air/Surface mode, the entire penalty will be borne solely by the merchant.
  • Courier partners shall entertain claims related to damage only if negative remarks are mentioned on the POD copy. However, if the POD copy is clean, courier partners shall not accept any claim. Similarly, BFRS will not be entitled to any claims of the above manner. 
  • All the disputes related to Damage, Pilferage, Leakage, Non receipt of shipment, Fake delivery etc. must be raised to BFRS within 48 hrs of delivery/delivery attempt. Any such cases raised after 48 hrs will not be entertained. 
  • Courier partners shall accept damage, pilferage, leakage claims only if the outer packaging of the shipment is changed/disturbed. However, if the shipment gets delivered with undisturbed outer packaging, the courier shall take no liability for internal content of the shipment. 
  • The merchant must ensure that the correct product description is mentioned for the respective products, sold by them. In case of incorrect/incomplete product description shipments may get returned from origin. In such cases the shipping charges will be applicable on return orders and will be irreversible. Also, if any penalty is imposed by the government authorities during the transit of shipments, the merchant will be liable to pay the same. 
  • In case the COD amount is already remitted to the user, is identified as incorrect due to wrong delivery status updated by the courier partner, the same amount shall be deducted from their future COD payments.
Please take a moment to read the complete Shiprocket Merchant Agreement.