If you do not agree with the charged amount against your order's weight, you can raise a dispute for it at Shiprocket. This is called a weight discrepancy and it arises when the courier partner charges a higher amount for your shipment based on the weight.

At Shiprocket, the amount for your order is charged based on its dead weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

Shiprocket puts the additional amount charged by the courier company on hold that cannot be utilized by either of the parties until the discrepancy is sorted out.

To raise a dispute:

  • Go to Weight Panel from the left menu and select Weight Discrepancy.
  • Under the tab Actions, you can find the option of Dispute Discrepancy.  Click on it to raise a dispute. A new form will pop up. Fill in the information required in it and then click submit. 

  • Once you raise a dispute, you will need to select a category and a sub-category along with photographs of your shipment.
  • After this, Shiprocket will take a maximum of 7 days to resolve it.

In case of a dispute, you get pop-ups on your Shiprocket dashboard as soon as you log in. However, if you do not respond to the dispute within seven days, then Shiprocket Auto Accepts it and the additional amount charged is debited from your Shiprocket wallet.

When you respond to a dispute, ShipRocket resolves it within seven days and gets back to you with a resolution. In case if it's in the favor of the seller, the wallet amount on hold is credited back to the wallet. In the other case, it is credited to the courier company.

You can also view your dispute history by clicking on the Show History option under the Action column of the Weight Reconciliation tab.

You can see the amount on hold separately from your wallet balance as you hover over your wallet in the ShipRocket dashboard.