A domestic shipping rate calculator works by calculating the estimated cost of your shipment before shipping. You can calculate this cost by entering the pick-up and delivery pin codes along with the approximate weight of your shipment. 

ShipRocket charges for the higher of the two weights, the actual weight and volumetric weight. We display rates for half a kilogram for most of our courier partners. Also, you can get an estimate of the cost, both with and without Cash On Delivery option.

For COD shipments, fixed COD charge or COD% of the order value whichever is higher will be taken while calculating the COD fee.

E.g. For a shipment weighing 0.5 Kg from New Delhi to Chennai, a courier partner charges a fee of Rs. 36 and COD % at 2.50%. Then the value of your shipments can be calculated as below-

Order Value
Rs. 750
COD % (2.5%)
Rs. 18.75
COD Fixed Charges

Volumetric Weight
Rs. 36

10x10x10/5000 = 0.02kg
*All Values shown are for illustration purpose only.

Hence, in this case, Shiprocket will charge COD fees of Rs. 36 apart from the collection of Rs. 750 at the time of delivery.

You can calculate the estimated cost to be charged on your domestic and international shipments, based on DIM (Dimensional weight) by logging into your Shiprocket Dashboard and locating the ‘Rate Calculator’ on the left panel.