When an NDR raised on the panel, you have two options to process it:

1. Opt for a Reattempt

2. Opt for RTO (Return to Origin)

1. When you opt for 'Reattempt'


The reason given by the courier company is incorrect:

In this case, please choose one of the options below to provide more information:

a) Upload an audio conversation with your buyer -  Get a verbal confirmation from your buyer where the buyer is requesting for the delivery reattempt.

b) Upload a screenshot of your conversation with your buyer - Get a written confirmation from your buyer via Whatsapp or SMS where your buyer is requesting for the delivery reattempt.

c) Send SMS via Shiprocket - On opting this, we'll send an SMS to receive a delivery reattempt request from your buyer. Your buyer can also opt to update his/her contact details or address using this link.

d) Get a missed call from your buyer - Get a missed call from your buyer's registered mobile number on the displayed phone number. We will consider this "missed call" as a reattempt verification response. 

Finally, submit your response. 


The reason given by the Courier company is correct:

In this case, you can update the buyer details such as an address, and contact number. Please select the reattempt date before clicking on 'Reattempt'.

Note: Below details are mandatory in case:

a) Customer not contactable: Kindly provide us with an active number on which the courier can contact your buyer.

b) Wrong/Incomplete Address: Please enter the correct/complete address here. You should also provide a landmark in this case.

c) Customer asked for future delivery: Please provide a specific date for delivery by selecting it from the calendar.

2. When you opt for 'RTO'

In this case, your order will be returned to the original pickup location. You can also add remarks if you have any. 

Please Note: Courier partners only make 3 attempts to deliver your order to the end customer post which they will mark your order as RTO.