It is important to create a manifest since it helps in batching your shipments together. A manifest is a proof of handing over shipments to the courier partner. It is the last step of the shipping process which is done after you have created an invoice.

The process to print a manifest is described below:

Step 1: For a single order or multiple orders in bulk create manifest by going to Orders tab-> Pickups.

Step 2: Select the orders for which manifest needs to be generated and then click on “ Print Manifest”.  A single manifest is generated for all orders that are being shipped through the same courier company and are scheduled together, e.g. if 4 orders are scheduled for pickup at one time slot and another 5 orders are scheduled for pickup at a different time slot, then 2 different manifests will be created.

Under the Pickups section, you can find the Complete tab. This tab lists manifests of all the orders which have been shipped/cancelled.

Manifest Print:


Please Note: Print is only possible for Manifests whose status is “Pickup Scheduled”.

(Manifest status can be “Pickup scheduled” , “Pickup Queued” or “Pickup error” based on the response received from the Shipping Provider)