Troubleshooting Magento integration with Shiprocket

Having difficulty integrating your Magento channel with Shiprocket?

Follow the process mentioned  below process:

Test the Magento SOAP API
Shiprocket uses the Magento SOAP API to connect with Magento for order processing, inventory management, and order status update.
It is mandatory that the Magento API works perfectly. A common issue faced is that the SOAP API is not enabled or not properly configured. You can test to see if SOAP is enabled by running a query for SOAP API handler. 

To do this, enter the following URL in your browser:


Replace YOURSITE with your Magento store URL. You should receive XML output from your cart if its working correctly.

Make sure you have the PHP SOAP extention enabled on your web server
The Apache PHP server has SOAP extensions that are necessary for proper operation. To check if SOAP is enabled on your server, visit https://YOURSITE/index.php/api/soap/. If it shows SOAP extension not enabled then please make sure to enable it for proper integration.